“To Camelot!”

Babylon falls!
Camelot rises!
There’s a simple way to know when your defeated-
It has to do with the end is near.
And you can fell the smoke in eyes of
The distant cheers.
In Camelot.
The lies and evil armies of the wicked
Had their centuries of refrain
From all truth that was freedom
To man and in the name
The lord did wait in patient non complaint
For Camelot.
It’s in your heart to know the day of freedom, now!
It’s in you ear to understand the tale
It wasn’t any victory to their hatred
For Camelot.
The rise of truth upon the heap of ashes of the past
The fall of the woman on the horse
Now trailing behind the nag.
And flying through the air-
Of light apparent.
To Camelot! To Camelot!