They Just Wanted To Convict Somebody- Penn State Review by Don Robbins

The information used from 2001, that was gathered in investigations about Jerry Sandusky, was known by prosecution and the Grand Jury investigators to be about an incident that did not involve Jerry Sandusky or the suspician of child abuse.
The Grand Jury investigators knew the 2001 information did not relate to the shower room incident that was reported by coach McQUEARY in 2002, (march). * They knew it didn’t relate but they claimed it did, anyway, seeking a conviction against Jerry Sandusky.
Saying that the 2001 shower room information related to what Sandusky allegedly did, automatically implicated Penn State in a cover up conspiracy.


Was it possible for investigators to check the information from 2001

and make the determination that the 2001, shower room incident,

information, had nothing to do with the Sandusky incident in 2002? The answer is YES.

Why wasn’t the information checked, to find out what the information concerned?


What, exactly, made the investigators believe that the 2001 information involved Sandusky?

Why were they so sure?


If the information was traced to the source, I believe, that would have been Joe Paterno’s log.


The date of the shower room incident in 2001 was in his log.


Why didn’t they just ask Paterno?


It seems, that they had the information from his log and they thought it had to do with Sandusky.

That’s where the mistake was made. They didn’t check it close enough. They jumped to conclusions.

And then, used the information to claim that it proved McQueary told them about Sandusky in 2001.


They didn’t want the truth about the incident in 2001.

They just wanted to use the information to convict somebody.