Similar Stories Of Killings- Canada Genocide- American Killings–Boarding School

When I was taken away by the Federal government in 1970 to the Boarding School in Montana, (I think the idea was that I would never see the place.) there was no expectation of my arrival.

I never showed up. No one asked about me. I wound up walking around half dead. I made it from Tulsa to Stringtown, that’s about 140 miles. I stopped in Stringtown and then came back to Tulsa. Stringtown is just north of McAllister.

Basically, I was missing and no one cared. The school or the Feds never bothered to look for me. I was eleven.

That is to say; that, the way they got rid of us here in the states was different than in Canada. I think that once the kid came up missing, they were replaced by the other kid who assumed their identity.

Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada?s Genocide (Documentary)

If you showed up later they still tried to kill you. The documentary about the genocide in Canada is close to the same things. The one thing I knew about the church hate involvement was that they did abuse children here, like in Canada, and you were not allowed to know where you were from or who you were, but the killings were done mostly outside of the facilities. Usually in a domestic setting.

In my case, none of the churches wanted me to go to church. If you did, they would run you down, anyway.

I was often accused for  committing crimes against them. But no crimes committed against me were ever called crimes.

Not unlike Nazi Germany, I guess. In some respects anyway.

The most people I ever knew that were killed was in Hosston, LA. in 1975. They murdered around 200 there in an area just south of Hosston. I don’t suppose there were a lot of Native people killed there. They were mostly white, as far as I could tell. Some may have been part Native or Mexican. I escaped. The authorities have never told the truth about what happened there. It’s the place where Jimmy Hoffa died.

When and where Hoffa died.
Possible victims in 1975 Hosston. Pictures taken by Rodney Alcala. He did not act alone.

Rodney Alcalla took some pictures of people there before they were killed. He took my picture, too.me hosston1975