What The Janitor Saw In The Shower Rooms 1998 and 2000 at Penn State.

The janitor at Penn State saw George Steinbrenner – a man that looked like Jerry Sandusky- a child like man- and a man holding a video camera- in a shower room at Penn State. The date was 1998. I know because I was there at the time. The men were mocking sexual acts.
This happened after he reported seeing a man with a child in a building he worked in one night with other janitors. I knew that because I was also there. Also in 1998.

He later said; the man he saw in that building was Jerry Sandusky.
it wasn’t.
Neither of the men he saw was Sandusky.
He later said, in court, that he saw yet another, man with a child, a man that he thought was Sandusky. This was in the Lasch  football building in 2000.

  Why didn’t the janitor report seeing Steinbrenner and the others in the shower room?

  Nothing was said or recorded about Steinbrenner.

  I think that is what was being covered up, not something Sandusky allegedly did.