How To Get Into Heaven pt. 1-2

                                “After God stopped the stellar reaction.”

So these guys that worked for God came into the world from Heaven and did repairs to the structure of the planet to compensate for the damage that was caused in the war. (In the Days of the Beast.) Got it?
So, some of those guys were formerly of the Israeli nation, or people. (They had died before and had gone to heaven.)
They met these guys from the remnant of the resurrected Israeli people, who were resurrected by Christ two hundred years after the Days of the Beast. (Dry bones.)
I met them before, when they were doing work for God. They were not nice.
It was like they didn’t like me to begin with, before they met the others who were in the settlement of the resurrected Israeli’s. They knew some of the Israeli’s that stayed in the world and didn’t go into heaven.
(By choice)
Now, you have to understand, I had a bad reputation with angels and Mary’s people that were in heaven, to begin with.
They knew me and because they knew me in heaven, those guys who came to do the repairs knew of me. They treated me just like I was their personal Palestinian.
I wasn’t exactly in love with them, either.
They were allowed to trespass on my land as long as they were going over there to do their work in Jehovaville. (Otherwise referred to as Mount Zion.)
* I wanted to clarify that some of the people who were with the Beast in the Days of the Beast were resurrected along with other Israeli’s. They were given the same opportunity to enter into the Sanctuary and go into heaven, as the others.
Among those people were ones that didn’t like me. They remembered me from the wars and the Camp of the Saints. There were a couple of them that knew me from the time before the Days of the Beast started.
That was there, the place called the earth. This place is different. This world is something that was created a thousand years later.
It was apparently an exact copy of the original world.
So were you.
They were created in their own likeness. (Genesis)
Now, there was reason that some Israeli’s hated me, along with some of those who worked for God doing repairs in Pre-Destiny.
They were also propagating their mistakes in Faith and religious beliefs.
It’s not wrong to have Faith but it isn’t good, if your mistakes that you have faith in convince you to reject heaven and stay in the outer darkness when you don’t need to be.
Choosing to stay in the world and coming up with crappy, bogus excuses based on fake religious beliefs is stupid. And trespassing on my land is a sin that will keep you from entering sanctuary.
You can doo doo some make shift repairs for God in the fogbank cloud thing, (Pre-Destiny) but you can’t fix desolation and live in it, playing masters of the world. (Considering that you’re the only nation there.)
God isn’t going to fix the old world. He’s created a brand new one. You need to worry about getting into the new world and new Heaven and not keep trying to stay in the old world that will turn into darkness and desolation.
The reason for this copy creation is unclear. But I know that your evil deeds here are the same as they are there. It’s our sin, you own it. You carry it with you.
If God asked you where I was at, you probably
lied to him. Like the brothers of Joseph.
I know you came here. I know who you are. And I know that you think you get by with it. But the truth that makes you and yours despise me is that you get by with it right up to the end when you have to walk across my land to get into sanctuary. And I guarantee you that you will not trespass on my land. And you will come across my property not as my enemy, when I say that you can. Not when you tell me that you can.
You can’t lie your way into sanctuary. You can’t get into the new heaven or earth unless you go through Sanctuary.