After Thought From pt.1-2 Of Part One (How To Get To Heaven)

(I know you came here. I know who you are.

And I know that you think you get by with it.)

This means that the Israeli’s had the technological

ability to travel through space and come to this planet.

What they didn’t tell me is why.

The Sanctuary was closed. It has to be reopened during judgement day.

In the new beginning.

(How To Get To Heaven)


How To Get Into Heaven pt. 1-2

                                “After God stopped the stellar reaction.” So these guys that worked for God came into the world from Heaven and did repairs to the structure of the planet to compensate for the damage that was caused in the war. (In the Days of the Beast.) Got it? So, some of those guys were… Continue reading How To Get Into Heaven pt. 1-2