Fractures- Growth Inhibitors- If All I Could Do Was The Work For You-

I speculated that the Growth Inhibitors reaction

was to the presence of foreign cells identified.

Many cells being identified as  mutated or differing

from the accepted DNA signaling, internally, that was

the ultimate identifier, led to the overreaction of the

Growth Inhibitors.

The affected cells in the fracture area could be a signaling

mistake, causing Growth Inhibitors to act in mass on the

area surrounding the fracture.

Infection of soft tissue stemming from the fracture area

could be a primary effect leading to infection of cell membranes?

Some damage must have been noted internally

within the cells.

Thus, triggering the Growth Inhibitor response.

Growth Inhibitors damaged cells identified, internally, altering the

DNA, to stop replication.

That was the original function of the Inhibitors.

Chemical contamination may have contributed to

the responses.





Don Robbins (Growth Inhibitors Research) 2014 Feb.