DonRobbinsNewC: Death Panels Validated .Obamacare- Medicare- Medicaid

restnpeaceDonRobbinsNewC: Death Panels Validated .Obamacare- Medicare- Medicaid.

Death Panels Validated .Obamacare- Medicare- Medicaid

   There are wide gaps in the care, that will be provided under Obamacare, for people on Medicaid.\Doctors need to be authorized to order specialized care and testing when necessary for the proper treatment of the patients.

Ordering cuts in care has already happened on Medicare. 
The policy of cutting care on Medicaid patients isn’t known yet.

 The Death Panel research has already been validated.

Ordering cuts to lifesaving procedures is already happening. That’s the same as Death Panels.
 Believe it! 

It happened to me. The government makes the decision on life threatening situations, for patients, not doctors!

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