The Right Direction-

  The answer to the problem is
to start walking in the right direction first.

 Not one step closer to the edge. 

Your are told; what you want to do is not wrong.
 Until you finally go one step too far and fall of

the side to an unknown fate. 

   How does making the one step closer to failing,
 acceptable, help anyone?

One step closer to addiction, is OK?

One step closer to obsession is good?

One step closer to compulsion?

One step closer to one step too far.

 Isn’t there something wrong in that? 

Is it reasonable to assume that the steps
we take lead to some place?

Isn’t that why we are taught to watch our steps?
Know where we are going?

Isn’t that the point?

Or is it that we have lost sight of the
objective and it doesn’t matter any more?

Here! Let me help you.
The objective is to get to heaven.