Penn State Cases


How do I know that the prosecutors
falsified the 2001 information? Answer-Video
   So, how do I know that the prosecutors falsified
the 2001 information?

Answer: Because it was possible to check the 2001
that they had from the incident and determine
that the 2001
information was from a separate incident.
Not the Sandusky
incident in 2002. And that the Sandusky incident was,
in fact,
in 2002 like McQuaery said in the first place.

 The 2001 information that was used to charge
officials was probably obtained illegally or kept
secret. (Tainted information) Like secret evidence
that the prosecutors claimed was about Sandusky. 

Information from the actual incident that they
claimed proved Sandusky raped a child and that
the officials covered up, was actually falsified to
implicate Penn State officials.

There was no other incident recorded in 2001.
Only one. And I was there in the shower/locker
room when it happened. No one was suspected of child abuse by police
or security or administration at the time.

The 2001 information could be found in Paterno’s
logbook. I know it could because I was in the office
with him when he wrote it into the logbook he had. 

The logbook that Paterno wrote the note on the 2001
incident in, was probably stolen or copied in his house
or office. Somehow the investigators wound up with
the information and concluded it was or could be used
against Sandusky or Officials at Penn State.

Innocent. Just like I said from the beginning.
Penn State and Jerry Sandusky, innocent.