DonRobbinsReturns: Medicaid- Emergency Rooms- Costs Rising- Specialty Services

DonRobbinsReturns: Medicaid- Emergency Rooms- Costs Rising- Specialty Services.Medicaid is the same.

 Medicaid does not cover specialty care, more, under Obamacare. It’s the same coverage. The Coverage is the same as it was on the old insurance policy that was paid for by the state.
   The patient will still go to the Emergency room after they are referred to a specialist when they don’t have the money to pay for it. 
That’s how it works.    Medicaid is the same.
   There is a petition to keep the Emergency rooms capable and receiving patents. Just like they did before.
  The expense involved in treating all patients at Emergency rooms that had Medicaid or who weren’t covered, (which was the same thing) is one of the costly policies that got us into the medical strain in the first place, when it came to costs.
   In reality, nothing has been done about those costs, with respect to Obamacare. The costs will be even higher. 
  Without coverage on specialized care, the Emergency rooms will see an increase in patients. That will cause a sharp rise in overall costs of coverage. In turn it will cause a increase in costs across the board.
   Without enough people to sign into the exchange policies, as designed into the system, Obamacare will be paying out far more than it takes in. 
  Insurers will be forced to ask for more money from the policy holders or more money from the government. Either way, or both ways. It will cost more, not less.