DonRobbinsReturns: Emergency Room Dependent- Obamacare Produces Opposite Outcomes Than Is Needed

DonRobbinsReturns: Emergency Room Dependent- Obamacare Produces Opposite Outcomes Than Is Needed. Emergency Rooms:

 The cycle of dependency has to be cut.
  This is how the system should work: The primary care doctors should refer the patents to testing and specialized care when criteria warrants it, and on their diagnosis, with respect to procedural testing. 
   Procedural testing should be standardized with extra testing if ordered by the primary, in certain cases, or the specialists, upon attending the patient.
   Clinics with in house testing should be established as preventative. And minor medical should be kept at the level of clinical with respect to patient concerns. 
   Minor medical should be kept at minor medical outpatient facilities. This cuts back on Emergency room visits by people seeking minor medical services. This saves money but maintains quality care.
  The referral to specialized treatment or testing by the primary doctors should be covered by state policies on Medicaid if ordered by the doctors. 
  This keeps the costs down on testing as ordered, when necessary, and prevents patients from becoming dependent on Emergency Rooms.
   The problem, (unlike it is claimed by Obama) with respect to costs, is not in specialized or Major medical care areas. The main costs are in the Emergency Room providers on minor med and the costs of minor medical in major settings, Along with testing that is standardized by insurance companies that is sometimes a commodity more than a necessity. (Including government ordered guidelines that are not understood or necessary in cases such as repeated testing between Emergency room and in patient.)
  Testing that is not ordered by doctors cannot become the standard in every case.
    Testing that is necessary cannot be ignored by eliminating criteria, either.
   This is basic to foundation of care. Standard care.
   Obamacare will produce the exact opposite outcome than what is desired.