Political Favors For Exemptions From O_Care Is Unconstitutional

  Political favors to exempt organizations from (O_care).

  Is unconstitutional.

 How did it become the authority of Senators to exempt themselves  or their office workers from the Affordable Health Care laws that    are mandated to other Americans?

____      ____     ____     ___     ____     ____     ____    ____

 How long will it be before the Democrats make abortion mandatory  to lower income mothers, who are single or live in certain places,  demographically speaking?

______      ______       ______     ______      ______      ______     If the Patient Protections and Affordable Health Care Act (O_Care) is an emulation of the Chinese system from the past, which it is, then, isn’t government mandated abortions a part of the objective of the plan?

  I think it is and they knew it all along.

*Obamacare is as Communist as Shanghai, China on Stalin’s birthday.