Obamacare Same As Chinese Mandated Abortions

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obamacare Policies On Abortion Same As China In Mandated Abortions
If you go to the fishing hole with a fishing rod and equipment, your usually there to fish.
The place where you are can say a lot about what your actions mean.
If OObama is dilly-dallying around mandated policy coverage on abortions, that’s probably what he’s up to.
If they hit a snag because people finally realized that Obamacare is going to cover abortions, whether you agree with it or not on your coverage, or whether the Catholics can exempt themselves from it on religious grounds, (Which really means that anybody can who wants to choose religion as a reason.)
and they need to go to daddy in China for some dictator advise, …..
If coverage is mandatory and abortion is covered, then, you refuse the policy, but don’t qualify for Welfarecaid, (of the medical variety) it means that you can be denied care or the Federal government can call you a criminal.
If they can fine you, now, later- they can fine you with ten times as much, or raise your taxes or imprison you.
What is the difference in that policy and the Chinese mandatory policies of the past?
ANSWER: Nothing.