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“Oklahoma State Capitol Wants And Recipes” (My Answer)


     Some things are by laws. Some things are voted on. Some things are agreed to under general consensus.
     Some substances when setting alone are different than when mixed in the recipe. Ultimately there is a recipe that results in goodness of life and other recipes result in not good.
   By experience and general consensus the right recipe is formulated over a period of the span of civilization. Of society and individual thought in freedoms granted by the outcomes of the total convergence of actions of peoples.
  Yes, the child wants. Any parent knows that, in play thoughts. The baby cries and the parent responds with attention.
  We know the fear of those who play a different tune. We are not against you.
   Play on. But cry not in vain. Know that you, too, are respected and loved, also. Love in kind. Foster no ill will towards the formula of success in life. It is necessary.
  Hold fast to what you have in the concrete freedoms guaranteed.
  Play on. Respect yourself first.
   Be a team player. When loss comes calling, try to remedy the outcome. In that day, accuse the sky.
   That’s my answer.
                                               Don Robbins-