DonRobbinsReturns: \”Margaret Sanger Care Equals Obamacare\” Or Reincarnation?

DonRobbinsReturns: \”Margaret Sanger Care Equals Obamacare\” Or Reincarnation?

via DonRobbinsReturns: \”Margaret Sanger Care Equals Obamacare\” Or Reincarnation?.

“Margaret Sanger Care Equals Obamacare” Or Reincarnation?

  They can think what they want in Washington, with respect to legislation that trickles down on us from above, about how people are affected.
The problem with Obamacare  is that people who are affected have mostly been affected in negative ways.
  The truth is that the people who needed help, could have gotten help through a lot simpler and less harassing legislation. Legislation that would have also been less expensive and disruptive in the financial markets.  
  Cut backs on critically ill patients have also cost lives, already, in Medicare.
  Giving better care for healthier people and cutting back on care for critically ill people seems to be the Margaret Sanger approach to social engineering when it comes to Democrats dictating healthcare through Obamacare legislation.
  The Obamacare fanatics were probably raised on her philosophy.
   The ideas of Margaret Sanger always come out of the Democratic think tanks, it’s just that the statements that are relative to her philosophy are usually disguised as political rhetoric.
 Or is it reincarnation?