Substance Abuse Disorder Assessments- (An Excuse To Categorize You)

Assessing what category your in, with respect to mental healthcare coverage. (Substance Use Disorder).
People that don’t know what Substance Use Disorder is: It is a term used by the government to describe a sickness that a person may, or may not, have. The definition in legal terms is not clear with respect to the laws that were passed.
The sickness you may or may not have is called Substance Use Disorder. It can be thought of as Substance Abuse Disorder.
There is a questionnaire that is given to the policy holder and then an assessment is made on the policy holder while you are being interviewed. After the assessment of the questionnaire and interview, you will be placed into a category ranging from 1 to 5. 5 being the most sick, like schizophrenics and althzeimers patients.

The category you are placed in is permanent. You will be treated in association with the category for the rest of your life.

The assessors are not doctors. Any person the government gives permission to, or hires, can be an assessor. The assessment on your mental health category is not necessarily made by a professional like a doctor. The assessments do not have to be made in a doctors office.

It has not been made clear whether or not it is a requirement to have the assessments made before diagnosis by a doctor, or not.

The testing and assessment on Substance Use Disorder is a way to get you into a particular category. The assessment is probably not required under the law itself, but the categorization is. The assessment becomes a way to determine your category status. Between 1 and 5.

This is probably unconstitutional. There is also no security on the information. Any one can order the results of the assessments in any hospital-doctors office- government office- job- church- school- ect.

After the testing is completed, on 100 million applications,  the tests  can be ordered to further look into the matter of the possibility of your dependency or Use Disorder. The tests range in price from 5000 dollars to over ten thousand per test.

These tests are not tests that actual mental patients need in order to have a proper diagnosis.

These tests are, strictly, non essential testing that is associated with categorizing the possible Substance Use offenders. If these tests are mandated for every policy holder in a specific category, the cost of the testing could bankrupt your state. Easily.

Substance Abuse Disorder is not a real reason to assess you in mental health. It is not an acceptable way to make determinations on your health. It is only an excuse to categorize you by the government.