“The Dobamacrats In Virginia” (Congratulations)

It doesn’t matter who won the race in Virginia. What matters is that Virginia lost.
The Dobamacrats threw everything they had at winning the election in Virginia, for, (I don’t remember his name) because corruption and Obamaparty, far left, dirty politics couldn’t get enough support from the establishment in Virginia, to Grandfather him through a sludge fest and into office.
The truth of the matter is that the papers and TV ads had him out ahead of the Republican candidate over thirty percent. Then Obama showed up with Clinton and his rating dropped to even with a political unknown from a Party that claims less than one hundred thousand followers.
The story here is that the other candidate almost won after a week of Obama (don’t) care. And the overwhelming success story of the Healthcare.gov website turned out to be a negative. No candidate in modern history has dropped faster in the polls and still won. (By a very slim margin.)
Expect more of the major victories/minor losses disorder in 2014.