SUDD Has Not Been Defined Yet- Still Mandated Testing

Read the one page section on SUDD- http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/AssessingAlcohol/InstrumentPDFs/68_SUDDS-IV.pdf

Link to Substance Use Diagnostic testing.

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The definitions have not been made as of yet, to what Substance Use Disorder means, exactly. It’s either Use or Abuse as defined by the committee. Right now the term Use is used. Although there is a difference if you are required to take a test for abusing drugs-or-if you are forced to take a test for using illegal substances. And whether it is illegal to eat certain things, like hair, or something not normally consumed. If there is a problem with you doing things like that. And who has access to the information. As it is right now, pretty much anybody who wants it.