Government Healthcare

First Time I Heard Substance Use Disorder

These are words taken from a Sebelius statement in an article I was reading, earlier today. (…..expanding mental health and substance use disorder benefits)

The key words here. are: Substance use disorder. That’s the first time I ever heard of Substance Use Disorder. I don’t recall reading about it in the Healthcare Bill. Guess I missed it.

The coverage applies to 62 million Americans who could develop the disorder. Substance Use Disorder. It probably requires a lot of testing, but not for mental patients. Just for those patients that are suffering from Substance Use Disorders.

 It’s a new mental sickness. According to Obamacare, it ranks up there with heart attacks, kidney failure, on an equal basis. Equality is the object here, with this stuff. “No medical justice, no policies!” Something like that, I suppose…..

Maybe they will make a commercial and in it, Martin King will say: “I have a dream that all medical ailments are treated equally by the government.”  (Remember, people who need testing that have severe mental sickness will not receive the tests, but those suffering from Substance Use Disorders will.) That’s the new and improved part, that everybody needs on their exchange policies, or Medicaid coverage.