White House Lies About Benghazi (This Website Doesn’t Work Right Either)

Benghazi was reported on with extreme bias reporting in the mass media, from the mass media, by the mass media.

The bias was in favor of the pro Muslim extremists in Benghazi that attacked the embassy.

When soldiers, like C.I.A. agents, that are hated all over the world by extremists, are left exposed without protection, or the ability to protect themselves, (no one knows why), they can face violence from terrorists or pro terrorism extremists.

The case in Benghazi, was about whether or not the White House administration, including Hillary Clinton, knew of the dangers posed by the crowds that frequently surrounded the embassy compound, and if so; why the requests for security were ignored.

Further- Why attempts to help victims by UN soldiers were rejected by the White House.

The statement from the White House was: that the violence was spontaneous, without warning. That was determined to not be a true statement. The violence in the attack was not spontaneous.

Another statement was made concerning a reactionary act on the part of protesters; (the White House stated, with Clinton, that, “violence erupted because of a anti-Muslim video tape in Egypt being played on the internet”). Also not true.

The real reason to apologize, for statements made about the murders in Benghazi, is for lying about the incident to the reporters in the first place.

(Mistaking rocket propelled grenades with protest sings?) “I don’t think that website worked right, either.”