Left Center (Genter) A New Word I made Up. (Obamaparty Politics)

Comparing right-wing political ideas to left, far left, in the other party is difficult to do with values as the common denominator.
 But really, they just want to get the BB into the right hole, and that’s the whole political idealism of the far left, that has become the center of the Democrat party, with the president’s office being the center of the center. (Which is probably an actual term, quoted by the Democrats, to explain their support of Obamaparty politics.)
 If it came right down to the choice between left center or Obamaparty, I think most Democrats, at this time, would go with left center, (genter.) *A new word I made up>
Either way Obama gets support for his main political ideas; himself.

“It’s not what somebody does to you, or says about you, before the game, it’s what you do on the field while your playing the game, that counts.”