“Obamalot” (Sung to the tune of Camelot)


Did you know, child….
Once upon a time there was political reason-oblot2
All for one and share the wealth,
Was the social season.
In Obamalot….
There was plenty for all!
Sleep on the sofa or sleep on the cot-
 It’s all the same in Obamalot. Obamalot!
The governments coming to take you away-
To a far better and fairer place!
Called Obamalot.

And for two hundred and fifty billion a year,

%5 of the population could have less expensive medical insurance!

In Obamalot- Obamalot!

The Obamanites in Obamalot said it would cost just a little!

Not a lot! In Obamalot.

So run child- Run! As fast as you can!

And tell the world about the Obamalot plan!

Now go…. and never forget this day-

When you heard the plan for you to pay

And pay- and pay- for the rest of your life, every day-

For Obamalot. Obamalot! I say!


(Sung to the tune of Camelot) * “Not quite the same thing, but close.”

by Don Robbins- Nov. 2013