Medicaid Truth and The Reason For Dropping Insurance Policies

People who met income guidelines when they went to the doctor’s office were automatically applied to Medicaid at the office.
People who went to emergency rooms for treatment were automatically applied to Medicaid if they had no other coverage and met income guidelines.
Covering people on Medicaid is the same under Obamacare as it was before Obamacare.
Keeping a permanent record of the patient in an office in Washington, who is covered on Medicaid, is the only difference.
There is no change in coverage.
The local V.A. clinic meets the standard Minimum Essential Coverage guidelines.
The Minimum Essential Coverage guidelines is not the reason insurance companies are dropping policies.
The reason policies are being dropped is because of the possibility of very expensive mandates that can be imposed at the state level, and in Medicaid, that companies will be required to adapt to. This could mean bankruptcy for those companies.
Testing can become common place that is unnecessary.
The average cost, per person per state could go from 250 dollars to 500 dollars under this system.
Such a rise in overall costs could mean disaster to the state budgets and cause a drastic increase in the cost of policies in the private sector.
The answer is going back to community based care.