“Sounds So Right But It’s So Wrong”

obmaticThe supporters of Obamacare can make it sound so necessary and so right, but there’s some baggage that comes along with the package.
The problem isn’t the good that it is supposed to do for a small percentage of people who aren’t signing up for the exchanges. (Probably less, after they hear what is going on with grandma and grandpa.) The problem is all the problems that are arriving with the luggage.

“It’s the Amazing Obamamatic Med-O-Cratic!” “It dices! It slices! All your bills in half!”-(Not really.) 

“It makes those pesky medical chores a breeze!” All for 19.99!” “That’s right folks!” “Just 19.95 and your covered for life!” ” You can trust us, we wouldn’t cause you to lose your coverage!” “You can keep it if you want to.” (Read fine print.) “All for just 39.99.” (No money back guarantee.)


*Medicare recipients need not apply.

The requirement on mental health isn’t going to cover the medical testing part of the treatment. Just like it’s always been. Nothing has changed.