Government Healthcare

“The First Thing That Needs To Be Done In Washington”

The new requirement law ( meet the law’s new tight requirements for coverage.), I picked that line out of the headlines this morning.
The law centers on adding just one regulated, mandated, change that companies may or may not want to tackle by adding it to the policy.
The legal charges, the changes in paperwork, contracts, re-negotiating with group policy holders; ect….
More regulations, on top of more regulations, on top of more expenses, on top of more government to pay for.
Unnecessary, doesn’t work , isn’t right, expensive, unconstitutional, bad leadership, more red tape, more intrusion, more intrusion, more and more and more intrusion.
The Democrats face major division in their ranks. The links to terrorism are becoming clear, with respect to the abuse of government powers and takeover of our freedoms.
The situation is all together negative.
The first thing that needs to be done is impeach the president and his cronies in Washington.