Help For Those Who Lost Coverage Now! Today. (Not Two Months From Now.)

At some point this loss of insurance is going to show up in financial.
The guys that send the bills out don’t know if your policy has been cancelled. They just send out the bills.
At some point it starts to show up in financial data.
It is true.
We’ve lost how many policies, so far? Two million? More? Does anybody know?
That data shows up in the system.
Credit ratings will also suffer from no insurance coverage, on a massive scale.
Let me get on with it…..

A website needs to be established, so seniors can get coverage that have lost their policies. The numbers are staggering. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a tragedy.
 Seniors are also losing their doctors. Which can be traumatic to them. I know, my parents went to the same doctors for years. I doubt they would even go to the doctor if they had to change doctors, especially the dementia patients.

A separate website needs to be set up to help those who have lost coverage, now. Today. Not two months from now.