Insurance Companies Make More Money With Obamacare Policies

There is no higher standard on medical coverage, the exact opposite is true.
A higher standard is not the reason policies are being cancelled.
The reason policies are being cancelled is because of the mandates on the government side. Like Medicaid.
 Obamacare can set coverage on Medicaid, not private policies.
The danger of cost increases that could bankrupt companies or force employers to lay people off comes from mandates on Medicaid. In turn those mandates can affect the laws that regulate private insurance policies and increase the levels of cost transference. Cost transference happens when payments are not enough to cover expenses and money is charged to other accounts to pay for unpaid bills.
This policy is controlled by an office in the government that can set coverage from state to state. The office could order expensive testing in one state but not another. (For example.)

Mandated coverage could cause immediate cost increases that would affect the overall cost of medical care in the state.

Companies that will be paid more for policies, (not more for better policies) more for policies that are subsidized, know that they can profit more from Obamacare than the policies in the private market. Cancelling policies drives the policy holder to Obamacare. Apparently that was a premeditated action. The insurance companies actually make more money with subsidized policies in Obamacare.