Penn State Cases

Sandusky Is Innocent- (Proof) Trace Information Yourself

Penn State to pay $59.7M to 26 Sandusky victims

What happens to the money when they find out Sandusky is innocent?

The people who framed Sandusky should be required to pay the damages to victims. Not Sandusky. Not Penn State,

Trace The Actual Information See For Yourself (Snandusky Innocent)

The 2001 information that was used by Linda Kelly, the state Attorney General for the state of Pennsylvania. was falsified.

The same information was used in association with accusations and charges against officials at Penn State who were charged with failing to report suspected child abuse. The information was obtained illegally, tainted, forged and falsified.

The use of the information led to false accusations and false charges against Jerry Sandusky.

Other than the 2001 information that came out of the Freeh investigation; the main evidence, (which led to charges being filed) was the testimony of the janitor about the incident in 2000. That incident was staged by actors. One actor apparently looked like Jerry Sandusky.

I believe that the actors who tricked the janitor into believing he saw Jerry Sandusky in the shower room in 2000 with a child, also falsely informed the janitor, previously, of an incident where they named another individual as Jerry Sandusky.

The janitor did not know the individual. He was also confused as to the true nature of the situation.

*Find out what the information from 2001 is. Trace it back to the actual incident it came from. And discover it had nothing to do with McQueary reporting it to officials, or Sandusky.