A Possible Reason For Cancelations Of Policies- Mandates

It’s more complicated than what they are saying, in the news, and in Washington; about why policy prices went up and deductibles are also going up.
The idea that minimum essential coverage is making insurance companies cancel policies is true in some respect, but, it’s not because of the standard coverage is higher on policies or that the government has set a higher standard. The exact opposite is true. The Minimum Essential Coverage is actually lower.
The danger of higher costs for insurance companies comes from the authority of the healthcare lawgivers (officials) to impose specific terms of care on particular regions or states.. *For example: If certain tests were made a requirement on patients in a particular state. The tests could be very expensive.
Considering the Minimum essential coverage laws, the requirements would also affect private policies. This would make policy costs skyrocket, even if the tests were not really necessary on the private policies.
Looking at business models from the fleet policies verses the individual policies, the companies decided that the individual policies were first in line to have mandated coverage dictated by government officials.
Maybe the workers who have policies through the job would be spared the essential Minimum Coverage changes. I don’t know. Or maybe there is a difference between the workers polices and individual policies.
Cancellations on the job haven’t been reported yet. The cancellations have mostly been individuals who are forced to buy policies through exchanges for higher premiums and larger deductibles. It seems grossly unfair.