“Unconstitutional Mandates Of The Law- Obamacare”

obuncon1The laws that were passed are not constitutional with respect to individual rights. (We’re not talking about the constitutionality of mandates handed down to states by the federal government.)
Mandates are a different matter than individual rights. The federal government does not have the right to pass unconstitutional laws that dictate their desire over the rights of individuals.
Voting on laws that are unconstitutional and passing those laws into law through the signature of the President, doesn’t make unconstitutional laws constitutional.
The laws are constitutional or not, regardless of the amount of votes the passage of the bill that contains the laws receives.
 In the case of the laws in Obamacare that were passed in legislation in the Affordable Healthcare bill, those laws that affected the individual rights of the citizens, are unconstitutional. More votes does not make the laws constitutional.
 The idea that mandates make the laws constitutional is not true. Making laws that are a violation of peoples individual rights, constitutional, by saying they are under mandate, is unconstitutional.
Unconstitutional laws mandated by the government are unconstitutional.
 Mandating laws can be constitutional in some cases, like national emergency, or warfare. But not in the case of Obamacare.

Don Robbins