Shove People Into Medicaid- Pay For The Extras? (Why)

The shell of the system can still be salvaged, in the case of Obamacare, to give coverage to people who actually need and should qualify for assistance.
Keeping dictator type authority with the unconstitutional mandated laws isn’t necessary.
How that can be accomplished, I don’t know. It seems best left to the States or even districts to oversee the necessary coverage, possibly through an equitable system, more like Medicaid. Which can be used for a temporary fix until a more workable, affordable system can be produced in a bi-partisan way.
It’s ridiculous to say that the government needs to spend more money to provide extra care to people who can afford to make the decision themselves. And shelve those who can’t afford a better policy, by shoving them into Medicaid, leaving them without coverage.
The statement of coverage for all is worn to the bone.
It really means a policy for all. Whether it covers anything you need ;that is the argument. And some people who supported Obamacare, in Washington, don’t want to say.