I Hope I Helped People To Log Into AHA.

I knew that Chrome would cause breakdown on older sites, like Blogger. I tried Chrome before but it would always start off fast with Blogger but after a few logins it would start acting up. Getting worse and worse until the Blog was unusable.
Remembering that; I thought it might be the same on The Government site.
I used Windows and Explorer to sign up at the AHA site. I didn’t know if people on Medicare were eligible but I know that when I suffered a heart attack last year my deductible was 20,000 dollars.
 I figured it was worth a try even though I’m a Tea partier.
It was easy for me to log on. I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer.
I promised I would help the President because I believe his own people are tricking him. You can’t fix a website on the fly. (Anybody knows that.)
 I hope this helps, even though I don’t agree with Obamacare.