Shouldn’t Unconstitutional Laws Be Repealed? Obamacare Laws Unconstitutional?

“No one will ever be locked out of the market again with a pre existing healthcare condition.” (Statement made by Sebelius.)http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/23/politics/obamacare-sebelius-interview/

Question: What about people on Medicaid or Medicare- Are they qualified to receive Obamacare policies?  Does Medicaid or Medicare cover the same treatments, testing, services, as the insurance policies on Obamacare? (If not, is that constitutional to force people into coverage that is unequal?) Isn’t the government treating people unequal under the law unconstitutional? Even if the government passes a law that allows for the unequal treatment, isn’t it still unconstitutional? Shouldn’t those laws be repealed? 


to revoke or withdraw formally or officially: to repeal a grant.

to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative enactment; abrogate. *(From Dictionary.com)