Explanations- Medicaid- Affordable Healthcare- Costs-Coverages.

The Exchange policy can be as much or more money per month as existing policies.
The government adds money to the payment. Up to twice as much more, each month, per policy.
For a one thousand dollar a month policy that would be around 2500 dollars each month paid to the insurer.
Add the cost of the government expenses in running the program and it goes up to three to four thousand dollars per policy per month.
It’s not worth it.
People who needed coverage were not guaranteed the coverage on the Exchange policies.
People who have lost coverage are not automatically covered for their needs on Exchange policies or Medicaid.
Medicaid is not total coverage. It is a basic healthcare plan of coverage.
Other than emergency services there was no change in coverage provided by Medicaid in the Affordable Plans with Medicaid. It’s basically the same coverage.
The department set up by the government to oversee the already existing Medicaid program adds to the overall cost of Medicare/Medicaid.
The Affordable Healthcare plan can be paid for in part by taking from Medicare or other entitlement programs.
Poor people were placed on Medicaid, or will be. Medicaid is not the same as an Exchange policy.