And More Obama Media Bias (Another Obamacare Supporter Cries!)


Now they’re trying to blame FOX news for making up stories about the Obamacare Effect on the general population.
First of all: Why would anybody need to make up stories about the website or the laws?
(Maybe the guy had more than 50 employees before the story aired.) Did you think of that?
You made statements but didn’t back up any of your suggestions with facts. While you claim that the news reports are not fact based from FOX, while every other report on the Obamacare problem is about the same problems.
Why would anybody have to make up a story about problems with Obamacare?
Get your facts straight before you accuse others of wrongdoing.
And who publishes wash stories like that anyway?
Media bias has gotten way out into Liberal left field.
We’re spending four thousand dollars a month for an insurance policy that costs eight hundred in the marketplace. That’s not good government, it’s just stupid and wasteful and unnecessary and more Obama.