Grayson/Sharpton Insult Members Of The Tea Party (Compared To KKK)

soapmouthWhile the hardline Liberals undermine and sabotage their own President and undermine any attempts at reforming healthcare, Senator Grayson and a well-known African-American politician stage a rehearsed conversation comparing the Tea party with the KKK. Some African-American members of the Tea Party are outraged!

It seems that the Democratic politicians in Washington will say or do nearly anything to distract attention away from their incompetence that surfaced in healthcare policies dictated by the Democratic Party.

They succeeded in making the president look like a fool by telling him that the Affordable Healthcare website could be fixed while it’s still up and running. The truth is that repairs to sites that fail like that are never even attempted, to begin with. They lied.

Democratic politicians aren’t afraid of the Tea Party, they aren’t afraid of people seeing through their lies. What Democrats fear most is the truth because it makes them look silly and petty. No one wants to hear their mealy mouth statements that reflect the histories of their own party. Why do they have to bring up hate every time they get knocked out by the truth?

Democrats will never learn that hate and lies are never going to win against the truth in FREEDOM! That’s why they want more and more dictatorship by a government that they want to use like a tool to spread their filthy lies.

Grayson/Sharpton; You owe the Tea Party an apology.

*Grayson/ Sharpton attack Tea Party:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/22/alan-grayson-tea-party-kkk_n_4143447.html