The Sandusky Look Alike? Another Failure To Report? -Love Letters? Sandusky

The original complaint at the High School where Sandusky was accused of mcsawinappropriate touching was supposedly ignored by school officials.
The fact that a person reported what they believed to be Sandusky, acting inappropriately, was ignored by all staff who were instructed to report incidents, under the law, with the possibility of losing their jobs, is hard to believe.
The pattern doesn’t match. It makes me think that there was someone who said or did something wrong to a student, there, at the school, but not Sandusky.
It makes me think that there was a person who looked like Sandusky that did something. Like the person in the shower in 2000 that fooled the janitor into believing that it was Sandusky.
Apparently that look-alike was also associated with the people who told the janitor that it was Sandusky he saw in the building he was working in, also, but it wasn’t. (And they knew it.)
Now; fake love letters.
I think they are milking it a little too much there, on that.