The Promise Of The Land Of Canaan (Canaan Was A Man) A Friend Of Abraham

The lord did not promise the land of Canaan would be his, it was already theirs. The land of Canaan was not promised to Abraham, The lord told Abraham that the land of Canaan belonged to his forefathers and that  land would be restored to the Hebrews as part of the promised land that was promised to his relatives in the Abrahamic covenant. (That was to become the other nation). Abraham was given another land for his people, his family. (In a place he and his people had never seen.
 *The land of Canaan was a reference to a man. The man he left  with as they traveled across Egypt. Canaan was a student of the truth with Abraham. They were friends.


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abe livedWhere Abraham lived in Egypt. This is the location where he saw the burning of Sodom. Lot lived across the channel. (The Gulf of Aqaba.) The promised land that God gave to Abraham was close to Northern Israel and to the east.