Cruz and Tea Party Right- Obama and Democrats Wrong. (Still Wrong)

Cruz didn’t cause the shutdown, Obama did by refusing to consider any discussions on Obamacare. Even the obvious problem with the sign up page was neglected, and was called ready, when it wasn’t. It is now obvious that the system wasn’t ready. What harms the economy and the citizens is a medical system that hasn’t been prepared to deal with reality.
 A slow bureaucracy is worse than a faster bureaucracy that reeks of incompetence. A slower bureaucracy that is said to be dependent on other bureaucracies; is  that something to accept because of a shutdown?

  It’s not a matter of who was right in being stubborn. It was a matter of who was right for the correct priorities. What doesn’t work, is not a priority. What can work, is. Even the worst car on the car lot can be repaired. It’s a matter of whether it should be. Or whether it could be. The question is does the car run? Is it safe? Is safety put before the want to sell. In this case that is what became the argument.

 Cruz and the Tea party were right. Obama  and the Democrats were wrong. Are wrong. Started out wrong. Still are. 

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