“The Struggle For Freedom Continues” The Tea Party Was Great!”

jjhI realized, from the beginning , that the best strategy was to let the Democrats have their way and implement the Obamacare plan. It would be a disaster to the credibility of their party.
But, upon closer inspection of the now famous 20,000 page train wreck of legislation, it became perfectly obvious that the idiotic plan would cause more damage than previously thought.
An all out effort to stall it and bring light to the subject to those who had been deceived into accepting or supporting it, was the new objective of the Tea party.
I don’t believe that anybody thought the Democrats would actually support a bill that they didn’t read. A bill that was the biggest joke in political history. Now it’s just sad.
They wouldn’t admit their mistakes and work together to resolve the catastrophic bill that was looming over the horizon, just steps away from passing.usausa
Heroes emerged like Senator Cruz and Senator Lee trying and bring sanity back to the bargaining table. It was one of the most valiant fights of the underdogs against the political elite in American history. I’m so glad and proud to be one of the first members of the Tea party.
The Oklahoma senator was magnificent also. From the beginning it was a struggle against tyranny and a fight over the American principles they tread on in Washington.
The bill finally passed on the back of the default ultimatum.
But the fight isn’t over. The 55 thousand Tea party members will not surrender to the evil, lying, tyrants, EVER!
The struggle for FREEDOM continues.