Did You Read The Bill? Obamacare

They’ve lowered the minimum standard that they are required to provide on Medicaid to a third world level.
The large monetary increase in the oversight of the Medicaid system, is in the creation of a huge government bureaucracy.
Coverage and quality on Medicaid decreases, not increases.
Emergency room coverage can also be disallowed by the implementation of the Minimum Coverage Law.
The coverage on private policies can now be cut back to 50% of what was covered, by law, for the same price to the consumer, policy holder.
The insurance companies can, now, legally drop you from the policy, completely.
The coverage on Exchange policies isn’t guaranteed to replace the coverage lost.
 It is true that you cannot be denied by a provider, but, it doesn’t mean they have to cover your needs on a pre-existing condition.
The Exchange policies are unregulated with respect to actual cost. The government can pay the company any amount they want to each company for any kind of policy.
The government can pay $15,000 a month for the subsidized policy if they want to.
The government can also dictate the lowest amount of coverage by state, district, town.
(Did you read the bill?)