“There Was No Assault In 2001” *From Article.

(FROM ARTICLE): “Every time [Mr. McQueary] testifies, he says something more, or different,” said Caroline Roberto, one of Mr. Curley’s attorneys.

Prosecutors allege a series of emails between Mr. Spanier, Mr. Schultz and Mr. Curley show they made a decision to not report the incident Mr. McQueary saw to the police or child welfare authorities. Prosecutors and  investigators alleged that the emails were about an incident that never happened.

    *I stated that there was  some conversation about the Student Athlete Services Building Incident. Paterno had called me during this time or close to Feb. 27, 2001. We discussed the incident that happened. He asked if anything else had happened to me like someone playing sound effects to disturb me? I told him that the same guys had been harassing me since I was a kid. There had been altercations. The harassments were continual. I told him I thought the sounds from the shower room was just them guys messing around because they saw me there.

     There may have been conversations about reporting me because I was mentally under a lot of stress after my parents died and after Teegins death at OSU.  I had gone to the Alamo Bowl for Teegins. I gave him a report at halftime over the phone. I wasn’t working. He was just trying to get me out of the house to do stuff. He was one of my only contacts. I have been isolated and sometimes I stay inside a lot it seems to people. But I was in pain and I wasn’t very active.  My fiancé died from brain cancer and both my parents died within a  two year period. Then Teegins died. I may have been depressed. Paterno asked me if I was doing OK when he called. I told him I was OK.

    People at Penn State who knew me might have wandered about what happened to me after I left.



One email from Mr. Spanier dated Feb. 27, 2001 — *a few weeks after the assault — read, in part: “The only downside for us is if the message isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon, and then we become vulnerable for not having reported it.” (Remember, there was no assault. They couldn’t have been talking about an assault unless they were referring to the assault against me with the harassment from the sound effects in the shower room.  There is no  other incident at the time. )

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/state/hearing-continues-for-penn-states-spanier-curley-and-schultzin-sandusky-case-697436/#ixzz2h4PT8VKA


*(There was no assault in 2001 in the actual incident where Freeh got the information about a shower room incident. There was no assault or suspicion of child abuse. I was a witness.) That incident happened in the Student Athlete Services Building.

     My fiancé was a teacher in that building.