“There Was No Assault In 2001” *From Article.

(FROM ARTICLE): “Every time [Mr. McQueary] testifies, he says something more, or different,” said Caroline Roberto, one of Mr. Curley’s attorneys. Prosecutors allege a series of emails between Mr. Spanier, Mr. Schultz and Mr. Curley show they made a decision to not report the incident Mr. McQueary saw to the police or child welfare authorities.… Continue reading “There Was No Assault In 2001” *From Article.

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Healthcare) *Obamacare

They hire and pay a lot of people to tell you that your not covered, on the phone, Like that. It takes three times the money for a government program to oversee Medicaid. Medicaid is a government program and another government program will oversee it. The coverage is the same. You will not receive government policies… Continue reading Healthcare) *Obamacare

Government Healthcare

Parasite Government (Affordable {Disabled/Medicare Not Covered} Healthcare) *Obamacare

“Obama care is the epitome of parasitical government.” (My quote.)  I just got off of the phone with the provider that gives quotes on Affordable Healthcare…. Their quote: “Right now the plan doesn’t cover people who are on disability or Medicare.” (They will know whether I will have coverage in a couple of months. They will be sure… Continue reading Parasite Government (Affordable {Disabled/Medicare Not Covered} Healthcare) *Obamacare