Government Healthcare

“Read The Bill- Just Read IT”

Read the bill. That’s all….Just read it. If you never really read it but voted for it, just read it. You will understand why it should not be supported if you just read the bill. Just read it. It’s not a good plan. It’s not affordable. It doesn’t cover the poor. Just read it. It’s… Continue reading “Read The Bill- Just Read IT”


Prayer For Penn State Justice

* “Dear lord please help us to bring the truth of this injustice against Penn State University to the people in America and to honest lawmakers in the government. This has become a burden on me to try and change the outcome of this deception. Innocent people have been persecuted and imprisoned. More people make… Continue reading Prayer For Penn State Justice


“Prevention” Pray Before Church! Picsa

It’s not too late to scrap the Affordable Healthcare Act and go back and produce another (real) piece of beneficial legislation that will deal with problems in healthcare and healthcare coverage. Cost and cost transference ; first, as far as I’m concerned. And covering the poor who were neglected in the Obama/Democrat bill, (as usual).… Continue reading “Prevention” Pray Before Church! Picsa