Benghazi Attack- What Happened- More Of The Truth Revealed

The Benghazi attack involved scores of militants using rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons.

President Obama clearly stated in press conference that, as he put it,       “It was a spontaneous reaction to a video tape that was played in Egypt that spawned a violent reaction.” (Which turned out to be totally false.) He knew the statement was false before he made it.

Correspondence shows that there was threat of mounting tensions noted by the State dept. and militant forces were said to have been spotted in the area.

Before the attack, the call for assistance was made to Washington, several times, before the attack,

Help, just before the attack, was offered by army units and UN soldiers close to Benghazi.

Both were rejected by the White House. Calls to Clinton were ignored.

After the attack was over, the excuse that it was a spontaneous attack was used to cover up the  truth by the State department; and before that, the White House.