“The Good Reason Trick”


“I’m Jud and I need to pick your nose. ” “Along with the rest of the cast and crew of the musical play OKLAHOMA.”” I also need to have appropriations to measure the wind sweeping down the plain.” (Prairie) Oh! By the way…. “I also need to know when you pick your nose because there are dangers in the world.”” It helps me to protect you.” ” Because I’m JUD.” (In a masculine low voice tone.)

First of all. It’s not the individual citizens who are the most dangerous in crime and terrorism. It’s the organizations that are supported by idealism in the government and allowed to commit crimes and overlooked when they commit acts of terrorism. (Usually towards individuals or other people subjected to dis- advantageous circumstances created by the dominant factors in society. (Sometimes from foreign governments or societies.) Those organizations support politicians. The politician, in turn, hands out favors to the groups that support their agenda. Sort of like agenda back scratching.

Taking more rights away from citizens or violating rights of citizens without recourse from the legal system is an old trick. There is always  a good reason. The Romans had one, Hitler had one, Lenin had one.

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Oklahoma is the state above Texas.

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